Baby le Bébé celebrates the traditional handcrafts and motifs of rural America, while exploring the possibilities and juxtapositions created by infusing these locale-specific, heritage approaches with modern streetwear sensibilities. The result is a collection of pieces that embody modern nomadism and the evolution of cottagecore aesthetics.

Each garment is a testament to the power of sustainable practices and the transformative beauty of handcrafted artistry. Produced in Stamford, NY, the brand’s home in the Catskills is also home to many of the techniques and materials utilized in the line. By prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, Baby le Bébé elevates luxury beyond excess, demonstrating the inherent value in the considered use of enduring materials and the artistry of handwork.

Remy Holwick is a veteran creative director, model, and artist living in Stamford, NY. Her work eschews the traditional role of "model-as-muse," instead re-imagining the position as a single facet of a dynamic and highly skilled creative participant in fashion. Baby le Bébé is named after her French-speaking dalmatian, Bébé Balthazar, and is an ongoing collaboration with her NYC creative studio, New Familiar Creative.

Portrait by Elena Mudd. All other images by New Familiar photographer Astrid D.

Community Friends of Baby

Catskill Outpost

Our retail and screen printing partner, located up the street from us in Stamford, NY.

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A 501-c3 nonprofit supporting the arts and recreation in Delaware County, NY

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Pete's Patch Farms

Pete's Patch is an organic farm in Delaware County, NY focused on giving back to the community by supplying produce free of all pesticides, herbicides, and petroleum-based products, for local residents, and providing local families in need with free seasonal produce.

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Birdsong Farm and Community Garden

Located in Hamden, NY, Birdsong Farm is a community-driven superpower providing support to various causes and community memebers year-round.

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