Shipping and returns

We endeavor to ship as quickly as possible; however, allow 7 days for shipping via USPS. Returns accepted on unworn items within 14 days of receipt, at the purchaser's expense. Please contact info@babylebebe.com for assistance.

About one-of-a-kind items

Baby le Bébé one-of-a-kind items are produced individually from 100% second-hand natural fibers, including repurposed handcrafts. These pieces are not available in multiple sizes, but similar styles can be produced in custom sizes. To enquire about custom work, email us here.

How can I contact assistance?

For questions, comments, return info, and press inpuiries:


What does "natural" mean to your skincare?

Every single molecute of this product is a plant derived oil – and while we know that not all plants are inherently non-toxic, we select every ingredient in our skincare for their time-tested benefits for your skin, for a glow that's totally safe, and fully derived from plants, not labs.

Is your skincare organic?

Yes! All our skincare is blended from 100% organic ingredients.

Why should I trust skincare from small makers?

Good question – and the truth is, there's a good reason. Small makers have a lower overhead than big companies, and since there's less overhead, we can spend more on quality ingredients. I'm not saying all small brands do this, but Baby le Bébé Nourishing Face Oil offers extremely high quality ingredients for the price point –  from a big brand, this would cost 2-4x as much.

I have oily skin – will your oil-based skincare make that worse?

Not if it's the right oil. Argan oil, our carrier oil, is an incredibly gentle, light, and dry oil. Argan oil is non-comedogenic – meaning it won't clog your pores, ever.

It also does things for your skin that your natural oils don't, so even if your complexion is oily, you're not just adding "more of the problem" – in fact, argan oil delivers a mega-dose of vitamin E, which is known for repairing skin damage including scarring, like the kind oily skin can have from acne issues.

Is Baby le Bébé vegan?

Yes, of course – and we only test the skincare on ourselves and our friends.

What are you doing for sustainability?

The single best thing we can do for sustainability is to make less in the first place – and we're doing our best with that by working in small batches, hand packed to ensure perfection and no unshippable "seconds" with less product wasted.

In addition, we've bypassed boxes for our skincare products, and we source only organic oils to minimize pesticides.

We pack our oils in glass, and the only plastic we ever use is our sealing rings and padded mailers – but we're looking for an alternative there!

Baby le Bébé clothing prioritizes recycled textiles, and the one of a kind garments are all made of 98-100% reclaimed materials, often including the thread and zippers.

On the ground, we don't stock paper in the office, we only use LED lights, and we try to be here for our community first, meaning our local shops get first pick of our goods, to keep what was made here, here, and to take care of our community locally first.