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Baby le Bébé

Nourishing Face Oil

Nourishing Face Oil

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A face oil unlike anything you've tried before – feather light, non-comedogenic, beautifully scented, and 100% botanical.

Soften, refine, and replenish delicate skin with just a few drops of this ethereally light and non-greasy oil blend.  Made with powerfully soothing clary sage, rosemary, and carrot seed oils, all suspended in a feather-weight argan oil base.

Apply alone or as a finishing oil after moisturizing for a weightless, greaseless hydration lock. Suitable for all skin types.

Made from 100% cold-pressed and steam-extracted botanical oils. Free from synthetic additives, petroleum-based ingredients and chemical botanical extraction methods.

59.1mL/2 fl.oz.


100% Argan Oil, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Carrot Seed Oil. Nothing else.

About Baby le Bébé

Baby le Bébé formulations harness the power of traditional botanical self-care, bringing together the most loved ingredients from across the globe for products that leave skin soft, even, smooth, and glowing.

Handmade and produced in small batches in the Catskills from ingredients of 100% botanical and natural orgin, using certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

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"I feel like my pores have actually shrunken and my skin is so much less red "

–Dannee L, Customer

Genderless • made with 100% natural, organic ingredients • no preservatives • thoughtfully packaged • scented only as a byproduct of active ingredients

100% natural, organic ingredients • Traditional homeopathic properties

  • Argan Oil

    The sole carrier oil for our herbal actives, Argan oil is a non-greasy, ultra-lightweight oil that hydrates, heals, smooths and refines skin to a silky finish.  Packed with vitamin E, and antioxidants, and exhibits antibacterial tendencies, making it ideal for soothing and smoothing acne- or blemish- prone complexions. Traditionally used for sun protection.

    Many commercially available oils that claim the benefits of Argan oil are blended with cheaper, less nourishing seed oils. Our carrier oil is 100% Argan oil.

  • Clary Sage

    Calming, balancing, and soothing.  Anti-inflammatory characteristics help balance and stabilize sebum production.

  • Rosemary

    Protects the skin barrier while delivering powerful antioxidant properties. Anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness. Rosemary provides powerful benefits for both the skin and hair, stimulating follicles for hair growth. 

    For those with facial hair, a liberal application can help promote even, healthy growth, as well as balancing and soothing the skin underneath.

  • Carrot Seed Oil

    Protecting against free-radical damage while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles; carrot seed oil delivers an antioxidant megadose.

How to Use

"Bébé Oil" is formulated for use on the face and neck, and can be applied liberally (2-6 drops) 1-2 times daily, or used as a "locking" final step for layered skincare.

For those with facial hair, or for those who massage into the hairline, the oil acts as a 2-in-1, promoting healthy hair growth while refining the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The oil my face has been waiting for!

I have always had severe dry skin on my face and neck, under my beard and behind my ears. It tends to be worse in the winter but even on humid days my skin will itch and redden. I try to avoid scratching because the flakes that fall are sometimes so heavy and highly visible I get incredibly embarrassed. I've always been incredibly self-conscious about my dry facial skin. And I've tried plenty of oils in the past, but nothing seems to remedy the situation fully, and nothing seems to last all day, heal the skin deeply, while also smelling good to me.

I just started using the Baby le bebe nourishing face oil a couple weeks ago and I can honestly say that all my problems have been solved. First of all, it smells divine. Not only to me, but to others, it's been confirmed! Also, my skin has not only stopped flaking and itching, but after I had used the oil for just a few days it started to carry this healthy sheen I haven't seen in a very long time. It's hard to describe, but my skin looks 'stronger' than it did before. I am so grateful for this product, it's remarkably effective and incredibly well-made, and it just so happens to be local to my area which is also a huge plus!

Thank you BABY LE BÉBÉ!!

Jenna G.
Love it

I love this oil! I have been putting it on after my retinol moisturizer for a couple of weeks. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years. I’m 35 and have a bunch of sun damage. It looks way better now!

Suuuuper hydrating!

Absolutely LOVE how hydrating this is. My skin feels protected and moisturized without this sitting on top of my skin which is such a relief. Smells fab too!

Elena Mudd
Glowing, soft skin!!

I am loving this face oil. It’s so pure! I often use up to 5 products on my skin which leans toward dry but with this I’m often just using this at night and in the morning. My skin is soft, glowing and nourished. Smells amazing too! Highly recommend. I also used it with my retinol which almost always makes me flaky and I didn’t flake when I used this as my oil base and after!

Scent is the Best

The scent is HEAVENLY, my skin is so soft

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Your best skin ever – naturally.  Baby le Bébé natural, organic face and body oils are formulated to ...

Your best skin ever – naturally.  Baby le Bébé natural, organic face and body oils are formulated to soften skin, reduce signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, refine pores, moisturize the skin, and enhance your skincare routine with a final, locking step to ensure your products do the most for you, without adding any harsh chemicals.  Natural Oil products are suitable for all skin types, and our organic face oil is formulated so that even oily skin can reap the benefits of a light, dry facial oil.    Our products are proudly organic and vegan additions to your skincare routine.  Made in small batches, and masterfully scented using only active botanical ingredients, your skin has never seen better.